working papers


  1. Complexity and Choice Salant, Y., and J. Spenkuch [Abstract] [PDF]
  2. Ideology and Performance in Public Organizations Spenkuch, J., E. Teso, and G. Xu [Abstract] [PDF]
  3. Politics from the Bench? Ideology and Strategic Voting in the U.S. Supreme Court Clark, T., P. Montagnes, and J. Spenkuch [Abstract] [PDF]


  1. School Desegregation and Political Preferences: Long-Run Evidence from Kentucky Kaplan, E., J. Spenkuch, and C. Tuttle [Abstract] [PDF]
  2. Moral Hazard and Special Interests in Congress Kaplan, E., J. Spenkuch, and H. Yuan [Abstract] [PDF]
  3. Measuring Geographic Polarization: Theory and Long-Run Evidence Kaplan, E., J. Spenkuch, and R. Sullivan [Abstract] [PDF]